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*PVC Sheets*

*PVC Sheets*
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*PVC Sheets* *PVC Sheets* *PVC Sheets*
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PVC Sheets for ID


A4 size  50 sheets / 1 pack

can make 500 ID,(100 sheets PVC A and 50 sheets PVC B)

This type has the feature of clear printing result, accurate color, no-spreading even long time stock.
Specification: 200*300mm
1. 0.25+0.28+0.25(A+B+A)
2. 0.15+0.46+0.15(A+B+A)    Available

package: 3pcs/set   50sets/box   10boxes/carton
note: A: is printing material : B: pvc core
Producing procedure

1. Mirror-print the image on the printing material, dry the ink completely (normally around 5-10 minutes)
2. Remove the protection film on the middle material, put the printed material right on both side of the middle material, then go through the laminator (set temperature around 150℃-180℃)
3. Cut the laminated sheet into standard card, remove the protection film from the surface of the card.

Instant PVC Card material without Lamination, they could be printed by printer directly.




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