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CUYI Cutter Plotter 24 inches with Contour Cutting

CUYI Cutter Plotter 24 inches with Contour Cutting
Price: Php 18,000.00
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CUYI Cutter Plotter/Cutting Plotter w/ Contour Cutting  

P18,500 Only,  1 Year Warranty w/out Blade



Free:        1 Meter   PVC Vinyl   For T shirt

           10 Meter/1Roll  Car Sticker Ordinary Color

             + Ready to cut vector files

             + Softwares and Plug-ins

Why choose CUYI Cutter Plotters

 1. Reputation- CUYI has much experience and are known better for satisfying customer demand around the world. It's a Taiwan and mainland joint venture founded a long time ago. They absorb the latest information of international high-tech breakthroughs, and make great efforts to develop and track  the latest world trend of technology products. 

2. Morden Design & High Technology-CUYI has some of the best first class designers and engineers in the world to make sure all the machines got the latest technical, the best quality parts and are attractive as well. All the cutter plotters are faster  than normal plotters.

3. Useable & Professional: All the designs consider usability to make sure customers can use it easily and in comfort. They are very careful with each detail, like the screws to control opening the cover with rubber surround that can open the cover easily and is much quieter, the belt connect with the cartridge is much wider than others and can move smoothly and quiet . The  wheels of the vinyl paper roller are wider,  can get provide more  friction and the holder is also very strong.

The manual is much better than many other manufacturers. Most customers can set up and solve almost all problems by themselves, it's also in much better English, and is easy to read. Each machine is linked to a computer to be tested and a sample of vinyl is cut and included in the box to make sure each machine is fine, then it is  sealed in a bag.

4. Only use the best parts, not cheap ones-  All the parts are chosen carefully by CUYI, only the best parts are used, not  cheap ones. That's why it's more expensive than others, some cutter plotters like Refine, Seiki are very cheap but that can bring you hassles in the future. (ask yourself why some chinese cutters have a bad reputation and we have changed all of that) The main parts use the latest technology that other manufacturers find very hard to follow.

Good Product Is Proven By It Is Quality!





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