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CUYI Pigment Ink (100mL)

CUYI Pigment Ink (100mL)
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CUYI Pigment Ink (100mL) CUYI Pigment Ink (100mL) CUYI Pigment Ink (100mL)
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*Pigment Ink is water-proof ink, it will not bleed when the print gets wet. Can also be used for photo printing, calling cards, brochures, invitations, etc. The print quality will last longer than dye ink, but dye ink color when printed is more vibrant than pigment.*


►100 mL (3.30 oz.) ink volume.

►Improve by several tests.

►Original ink compatibility increased

►Thick and fast-dry characteristic.

►Professionally recommended and best for transfer papers and ID making.

►Packed in "easy-pour bottles", refilling your CISS is a breeze. Can save a lot from using CISS.



It's advantage is being oil-based, making it water-proof ink, compare with dye inks that will bleed or smudge when wet. That's why it is best used for t-shirt printing (white & dark t-shirts), mini t-shirts, canvas tote bags and other media that uses light and dark transfer papers.

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