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*CUYI Large Format Heat Press ( for Lanyard )*

*CUYI Large Format Heat Press ( for Lanyard )*
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1. Pressure: If the pressure is not good enough or it is too hard, use the adjusting rode, and clockwise means more pressure, otherwise less pressure.

2. Time: When the time is up, the warning doesn't work or ring forever, we should check whether the switch in the box at the end of the machine is all right, if not, please adjusting it to the right place.

3. Temperature: preheating for about 15 minutes. When the temperature reaches the right level, the heating indicator light turns off, we can begin our work. When the power is on, the plate doesn't heat, and then check the circuit.

4. When pressing the rod to the bottom, leave it alone for rising again. Adjust the screw nut at the heating plate, when finishing, if it is hard to raise the rod, please adjust the screw.

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