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*QUAFF Thermal Binding Machine*

*QUAFF Thermal Binding Machine*
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QUAFF Thermal Binding Machine

Thermal Binding Machines bind pages directly to the spine of thermal covers in a desktop version of "perfect binding". The covers' spine is heated so that adhesive on the spine becomes thin enough to slightly wick into the pages. When cool, the glue becomes part of the page, ensuring a strong bond. There's no hole punching, or difficulty lining up coils or combs.  Most heating times are 45 to 120 seconds.  Machines can do several art once. 




Perfect thermal binding machine 
1.Office and school stationery 
2.Economy price 
3.English packing 
4.Fast delivery

Details of the Product

           ^ The clip will clamp the document automatically       ^ Optical sensing system inside it can heat the

                                                                                       document automatically



            Description/ Specification of  Thermal Office Binder T-350 
Parameter of the Products

* 35mm Thick Binding                                
* CPU Control System 
* PTC Ceramic Heating 
* Automatic Clamping 
* Intelligent Program Process 
* Measure Covers and Papers Thickness 
* LED Indicator Light 


Demonstration of our Product


* Put the paper into the folder and arrange it neatly.



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