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*Button Press*

*Button Press*
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  Pin Badges are the most popular ornaments in the world. They are young people's favorite. With this Pin Badge Making Machine, you can transform your personal pictures into the popular pin badges, making personalized badges which is an amazingly unique and fashionable ornament and gift.

  The new Pin Badge Making Machine is made of solid-steel which is more durable and it can make better pin badges. With its special design, it is so easy to use that you can just operate it just with one hand. Modes of different molds and sizes are available. There must be one mode that is pleasing to you

Product Description

1) Fast slide track operation 
2) Easy to be put on a board or table 
3) Good Material: Aluminium

75mm badge machine, pin buton badge making machine 

Usage: Making Pin Badge ( back have plastic and tin two items ) 


1) Fast slide track operation 

2) Easy to be put on a board or table 

3) Chrome-plated steel dies for long-term use 

4) Available changeable molds:

Round: 44/58/75MM 

5)Speed: 250-300pcs / hr 

6) Used to make DIY Pin Buttons, Button Badges, KeyChain, Mirror, Photo Stander, Bottle Opener, Tin Buttons, etc.













Lay-out according to your preferred size of button pin, print it out, then cut

On Pick-up die, put the SHELL DOME first, followed by the GRAPHIC, then the MYLAR/ACETATE





As the SHELL DOME, GRAPHIC and MYLAR are placed, press it down. Make sure PICK-UP DIE is properly aligned with UPPER DIE.



After pressing you may now put the PIN BACK on CRIMP DIE



Slide it to the left which will make the UPPER DIE and CRIMP DIE aligned



As CRIMP DIE and UPPER DIE are properly aligned, press down the handle





And that will have you a BUTTON PIN!




"Perfect set-up will result you a perfect outcome! Kindly see our support staffs for basic or standard procedures."

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