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CUYI Digital Plate Press

CUYI Digital Plate Press
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CUYI Digital Plate Press CUYI Digital Plate Press CUYI Digital Plate Press CUYI Digital Plate Press CUYI Digital Plate Press CUYI Digital Plate Press
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 *The machine can transfer the print of color code, portrait photos, landscape patterns and characters which are of any kind on the porcelain plate, these products are specially suitable for advertisements, gifts, public activities and so on. It can work 12 hours continually. It is very economical and practical , will be your best choice!*


►By adopting the PID electronic digit constant temperature control system, the temperature accuracy reaches a very high level, the temperature readout can reach ±1-2 degrees centigrade. 

►Due to the usage of digital display for the time, the time accuracy is very high, the signal will be denoted automatically when the set time runs out. 

►The presscure can be adjusted conveniently, it is widely used in the mass-production.

►Also comes with "free (1pc.) Press Plate for replacement (in-case the plate is much bigger that the Press Plate [included in the box].

Elegant and State-of-the-art design. Very practical, easy and safe to operate because of "Digital Control Panel (Temperature and Time). It is made to be partner in your printing business !


►Voltage: 110/220V 

►Power: 350W 

►Temperature Range: Room Temperature-400℃ 

►Display Timer Range: 0-200S 

►Printing Area: 125mm*150mm 

►Packing Size: 495*465*460mm 

►Weight: 16kg

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